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The Facts About Gutter Cleaning

It’s time to talk about something that you probably don’t think about very often: gutter cleaning. Your gutters do a great deal to keep your house safe from water damage. Without a well-functioning gutter system, you can experience issues with the foundation, siding, paint, landscaping, walkways, and other parts of your home. If you want this protection to last for as long as possible, you have to make a habit of cleaning the gutters!

How Do Gutters Get Dirty?

Many different types of dirt get stuck in the gutters and form clogs. It’s common to see a lot of organic plant matter, dirt, seeds, or animal nests in many gutters. If you have trees around your home, the leaves are going to get caught in the gutters constantly throughout autumn, creating large clogs that stop up the water flow.

Even if you live in an area without many plants or trees, your gutters still cleaning regularly. Most areas without plant life have a lot of dust and other small particles in the air. These things get stuck on your roof and will wash into the gutters when it rains. Small particles are more likely to collect at the bottom of the gutters, creating a layer of silt that won’t wash away on its own.

Why You Need to Clean Your Gutters

In most houses, a gutter system is the first and only defense against water damage. Gutters catch the rain that lands on the roof and take it to a safe location for drainage. There is a lot more water coming from the roof than you might think. If you allow it all to drain straight down, it will begin to pool up around the sides of the house, or it would drain down the siding and create leaks.

Water damage is a very real problem, which is why proper drainage is important. Dirty gutters and gutters with clogs shorten the life of the entire gutter system, all while stopping its normal functions. Instead of carrying water from one side of the roof to the downspout, a clogged gutter will create overflow and leaks before the downspout. Clogs can also erode the metal gutters, creating leaks and eventually ruining the gutters.

How Often Gutter Cleaning Should Be Done

To avoid damage and keep everything working as it should, regular gutter cleaning is essential. But, how often does “regular” mean? That depends on where you live, mostly. The minimum number of times you should be cleaning your gutters is twice per year, or once every 6 months. This is only for areas with few or no trees, since leaves and debris from trees causes the most clogs.

Most houses need gutter cleaning once every three months. Each season brings its own dirt and debris, and the gutters need to be clean and clear to face it. Even in the winter, snow and ice can wreak havoc on the gutters if they aren’t well maintained before the coldest weather arrives. It’s a good idea for most homeowners to clean in late autumn after the leaves have all fallen, winter after the snows have stopped, spring when plants are releasing a lot of debris, and summer as a routine clean-up before autumn comes again.

Benefits of Clean Gutters

It’s clear that gutters are important for your house, but what are the benefits of actually having clean gutters? There are a few areas that you will benefit, including:

  • Long Gutter Lifespan

Clean gutters are less likely to become saggy, spring leaks, or crack. If they are cleaned regularly, the gutters can live to their full lifespan of 15+ years for most materials. This will save you from having to fix or replace them, expect for some small routine repairs that may be needed throughout the years. If you don’t clean them regularly, you may have to make a lot more repairs and possibly even replace the gutters years earlier than their expected lifespan.

  • Proper Water Drainage

Gutters and downspouts that are well cleaned and cleared will move water away from your house to some place where it won’t be able to damage your property. Arguably the best benefit of clear gutters, good drainage is vital to avoiding all forms of water damage around the house.

  • Save Money on Home Investments

Not having to replace your gutters means you can spend a lot less on your home over the years. Replacing gutters every 15-20 years instead of every 5-10 years will be an enormous benefit for your budget. The cost of gutter cleaning every year won’t ruin the investment, either.

  • Increase the Value of Your House

If your gutters are still in great condition, that’s a good sign for your house’s value if you’re trying to sell it. This is a reassuring sign to buyers, since it means they won’t have to spend much on big-ticket items like gutters anytime soon after they make the purchase.

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Should You Hire a Gutter Cleaning Service?

The biggest decision for most people is how to do gutter cleaning. Is it best to do it yourself or to hire a company to get the job done? A gutter cleaning company can help you make sure you’re doing it consistently, and they can check for repairs that may be needed while they’re cleaning. But, there is money involved in paying for the service, although it’s not something that will break the bank in most areas.

To make your choice, you need to look at a few factors to the decision:

  1. What is your house like?

Houses that are multi-level or have funky architectural designs may be difficult to manage by yourself. A service company is better prepared for these circumstances, because they have specialized equipment and workers with experience doing the job higher in the air.

  1. Can you physically manage the task?

If your physical health might stop you from climbing up a ladder and cleaning out the gutters, don’t take that risk. It’s better to hire someone to help you than to accidentally injure yourself while you try to do it yourself.

  1. Are you prepared to clean your gutters?

You’ll need a ladder and some basic tools to get the gutters clean. If you don’t have anything that you need to get the job done, maybe it’s a good idea to consider calling a service company!

  1. Do you have the time to do it, and will you be consistent?

As you’ve seen above, gutters need to be cleaned consistently every 3 – 6 months. If you can’t keep that kind of schedule or you just don’t have the time to do the job anyway, a gutter cleaning company is going to be a useful resource for you and we are glad to help.

Gutter cleaning may not be a glamorous job, but it’s vital for protecting your home from water damage and keeping your wallet safe from unexpected repair payments. If you can do it yourself, make a point to stay consistent and remember to do it well. Otherwise, you can get a quote here.

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