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You have made the right choice in wanting to learn more about partnering up with us.  After being in business for over 16 years, we have learned a lot on how to take are of our customers and our vendors.

Our vendors are like family to us.  In this day in age when most companies are here to screw the little guy, this company is trying to break that mold.

The owner, Jonathan Byrd, was just a little guy too so when he founded the company, he wanted to make sure this company did things different.

Jonathan ByrdJonathan got his start in window washing back when he was 19.  He was one of those crazy entrepreneurs that kept on working until he beat the odds.  He knows how hard it is to get new clients, and how big national companies typically do their best to screw the little guy.

When he started this business, his goal was to help the local guy that needs a leg up with their marketing.  Most of the guys that have small businesses just don’t have time to do work and the marketing and they can’t trust “thumback” or “homeadvisor” because they know they are just out to line their own pockets.

We really do our best to make sure our guy’s are getting work.  The gutter cleaning business is more cyclical than we like, but there isn’t much we can do about that.

Historically, there are only a few times a year where we don’t have work at all.  Most of the time, it will have a steady pattern to it with spikes during the spring and fall.

With all that said, here are a few benefits for working with us:

  • Affiliated with a recognized national company
  • Earn great money for gutter cleaning
  • Get to promote your own services to our customers
  • Get paid online twice a month
  • Communications are easy (text and email)


Now, if you want to learn more about the company you can read our About page and read our mission statement. Those two pages really speak on what we want to accomplish and our goals.  Yes, we work in over 130 metro areas across the country but that doesn’t mean we don’t care about our customers or our vendors.  

Oh, if you are one of those people that want to see some more “proof” before you fill out an application, we are a C-Corporation licensed out of the State of Arkansas (KJB LTD – view our “Good Standing” with the State).

Finally, the key to our success is the outstanding people who work with us.  Our goal is to find quality people and develop long term business relationships with them.  We rely upon them to get the job done correctly and we want to make sure that our relationship is always a win – win -win.

The customer wins because they get a great job, our vendors win because they are paid fairly and on time and they get to the potential for more business with each one of our clients, and we win because we get happy customers and vendors and everyone in the office gets to keep their jobs too.

If you think this would be perfect for you then check out our minimum requirements below:

  • Own a 28′ ladder or above
  • Have required tools required to clean gutters (buckets, gloves, ladders, etc)
  • Ability to transport a 28′ ladder or above with your vehicle
  • A phone capable of utilizing text messaging
  • Being able to email pictures to the office
  • Being able to respond to the office in a timely manner (within 30 to 60 Minutes)
  • Ability to keep an appointment without the need to re-schedule
  • Have the ability to haul off any debris found in the guttering
  • Carry yourself in a professional manner
  • Must carry General Liability insurance

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