Benefits of Seamless Gutters

The Benefits of Seamless Gutters: The Real Story

Why You Should Choose Seamless Gutters

In this Article:

  • The Reasons Why Seamless Gutters Are Better
    • They Minimize Leaks
    • They Reduce Debris
    • The Are Low Maintenance
    • They Are Aesthetically Appealing (They Look Great!)

So Why You Should Look Into Purchasing Seamless Gutters For Your Home

It’s raining, it’s pouring, and your old standard gutters are leaking, busted, and boring. When your sectional gutters just aren’t cutting it anymore, it’s time to consider investing in seamless gutters, made of long sections of steel, aluminum, or a similar material molded to the shape of your roof line and installed as one piece. They’re professionally measured and formed to the exact lengths required by your home. They offer many advantages over sectional gutters, which are cut into small pieces and sealed together at varying lengths.

Here are a benefits of seamless gutters and why they are the best solution for carrying off rainwater.

Minimize Leaks

Without all of those crevices to worry about, it’s less likely for seamless gutters to spring a leak. Sectional systems rely on sealant, gaskets, or welding to close off the seams. Plus, the more sections of gutters you need, the more seams you have to deal with. No matter how much sealant you’ve applied, over time it’s almost guaranteed to wear away. Seamless gutters offer a smooth surface for water to easily flow away from your roof as you intended. That means no continuous drips of water that slowly erode the ground around your landscaping or up against the foundation.

Less Debris

Fewer breaks in the gutters mean less nature trash will collect and clog up the troughs. Sectional gutters have a tendency to snag leaves, twigs, acorns, and more as they fall from surrounding trees during heavy rain and wind. With seamless gutters, the only connecting points are in the corners and downspouts. Therefore, there are fewer crevices for debris to get caught in, meaning minimal blockage that causes water to back up and result in bigger issues.

Low Maintenance

Perhaps the biggest benefit of seamless gutters is the lack of maintenance that comes along with them.  Fewer leaks and no debris means you’ll spend less time on a ladder cleaning out the gutters. Plus, seamless gutters can typically be found in stronger metals that resist cracks and damage better than aluminum or vinyl sectional gutters. Cheap aluminum gutters have a tendency to rot, leaving ugly holes and rust marks in the metal. While seasonal cleaning and regular checks are still recommended with seamless gutters, you’re guaranteed to spend less time making repairs.

Aesthetically Appealing

Seamless gutters offer a more uniform look to your roof line, helping them blend in with the other architectural features. The single sheet of gutter is almost camouflaged with the rest of the house. Also, since seamless gutters are typically of a higher quality, there are more color options to choose from and they will rarely ever need a new coat of paint. Hiring a contractor to install them is recommended, but the professional work will also look better and last longer than a DIY sectional gutter installation.  Plus, since debris is less likely to back up in the trough, you won’t have unsightly leaves, nests, and stick hanging out the side.

Here is a great video that shows the benefits of seamless gutters and how they are made on youtube.

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