Best Dog Friendly Coffee Shops in Downtown Cincinnati

Coffee shops are everywhere, but only a few of them allow pets inside. This article can guide pet owners to the best coffee shops in Downtown Cincy that are pet-friendly.

The dog is a man’s best friend. We can take our pets almost everywhere like malls, plazas and so it would make sense there should be coffee shops and diners that we could bring our pets too so that we can enjoy both hobbies – drinking great tasting coffee and fawning over our pets.

Having a pet is a fun responsibility to have. They’re cute and cuddly and you just would like to bring them everywhere you go. Thankfully there are a lot of pet-friendly coffee shops around Cincinnati where you can socialize with your friends and bring your pet at the same time.

Top Five Dog Friendly Coffee Shops in Downtown Cincinnati:

  • Lola’s
  • Fausto
  • Cheapside Cafe
  • Ferrari Barbershop & Coffee
  • Dunkin’

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If you have a ride, be sure to find a place to park it because during rush hour the coffee shops on this list tend to be filled up fast along with the parking area so if you can call up the store before arriving.



This coffee shop is located at 24 W 3rd St, Cincinnati, OH 45202, which is the downtown area close to the river. It’s made for busy people who want to get out of their noisy downtown environment and focus on getting work done. The coffee shop’s interior has darker lighting making the surroundings feel more private. The seating options available range from booths, tables and even an outdoor seating for people who came by to get coffee along with their pets. Customers can call – (513) 381-3173 to inquire about the store’s menu, but they usually maintain a regular course with plenty of snacks or pastries options.



People not only visit Fausto for their coffee fix, but it’s a good place to place reservations and celebrate your birthday or any other occasion with friends and family. The place is beautiful, and the ambiance is a mixture of elegance and modern architecture at the same time. The establishment is located at 44 E 6th St, Cincinnati, OH 45202, and it’s situated at a fairly accessible place in downtown Cincinnati. Visitors must try the Faust’s Favorit along with other courses in their menu. In the end, it’s great to end the meal by tasting their delicious coffee blend. People can also bring their pets along for the experience. Fausto’s number is (513) 345-2979


Cheapside Cafe

This shop at 26 E 8th St, Cincinnati, OH 45202, is a good place to go for coffee, breakfast, and lunch. It’s even a good place to drive by, take a table for one, and just observe the passersby in downtown Cincinnati. The shop offers an outdoor picnic-style seating option for pet owners.

The menus offer a wide range of breakfast and lunch options including the crowd favorite, ‘fresh brewed bottomless coffee. People can enjoy the aesthetically pleasing coffee shop with their friends and never worry about having an empty cup of coffee. At around 3 pm, the place starts to get crowded. That’s why it’s advisable to call in their number – (513) 345-6618 ahead of time to know if there are still available seats.


Ferrari Barbershop & Coffee

Fun fact about Ferrari Barbershop, the store opened in 1958, by the current owners, Tony and Austin Ferrari, bought the store in the 1950s from a gentleman named Bruno. Now barbershop which is located at 5 Garfield Pl, Cincinnati, OH 45202 can guarantee customers are satisfied with their coffee after they get a haircut or vice versa.

The store can even boast that it’s great for couples because husbands go to the store for the coffee, but their wives make sure their husbands show up for the haircut. So, a combination of a great haircut plus shave and wonderful coffee will always lead to a happy couple. The store’s number is (513) 421-0628.

Coffee is not the only drink that you can add to your favorites list. Tea is healthy and is wonderful to drink as well. Here is a list of Coffee and Tea shops around Cincinnati. Enjoy!


This store is up to date with the times. The variety of donuts and coffee goodies that it offers in it stores can be ordered online with their Dunkin’ app. Also, customers can call in one out of their numbers – (513) 376-7814 to order ahead of time before arriving.

The store has many branches, but a lot of people go to their branch at 425 Walnut St Ste 140, Cincinnati, OH 45202, which is in the downtown area. Many customers want to have these stores near their area so that they could have great tasting coffee and donuts within walking distance. As always the store’s products are rated as 10 out of 10.