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Calculate your gutter cleaning cost using our fast and free form, then sit back and relax while we get the job done for you! Only Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning offers an online gutter cleaning cost calculator that gets you a quote in just fifteen minutes during normal business hours, Monday through Saturday.

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Gutter Cleaning Cost Calculator

Calculating gutter cleaning costs involves the linear feet of gutters to be cleaned and any special factors that may be present to determine a total cost. The linear feet (the total length) of the gutters on the home must be determined, typically by measuring them the best way possible. You can step them off or measure with a tape measure and it is always better to round up. Downspouts are not measured.

This total is then multiplied by the cost per foot in your area. For normal residential gutters this will fall in between $1 and $1.50 a foot.

Then the special factors have to be calculated and added to the total. Special factors and their price ranges are below:

Gutter Cleaning Price Factors

  • High Stories (normally over 2 stories): Add $1 to $2 per foot
  • Hard To Reach Gutters (over a pool, narrow edges, above a garage): Add $1 per foot
  • Large Blockages: Can add $1 per foot
  • Removing Gutter Guards and Replacing: Add $1 to $1.50 per foot depending on the type

Please remember, these are ranges and your price will be based on your situation. Like homes, not all gutters are alike. Clean Pro uses not only the information you provide in the Get A Quote form but also publicly available information about the square footage of your home plus publicly available images of your neighborhood and tree coverage to help determine your estimate. Many of the things that you might think are going to add to the price of gutter cleaning at your home really won’t. What you might consider to be “hard to reach” we might be able to do easily because of our equipment and experience, for example.

Does Using An Insured Gutter Cleaning Company Cost More?

The simple answer is no. Insurance for us is a cost of doing business, providing safety and security for us and our customers on the off chance that an accident happens. Our price for gutter cleaning is built around all of our costs, including insurance as well as providing workman’s compensation insurance. So for our customers there are no extra or hidden charges. Now for someone else, this might be different. They might charge you more if you want “special insurance” or other gimmicks and games really designed to just charge you more. We don’t do any of that.

The total cost of a gutter cleaning is very reasonable with a reputable, insured gutter cleaning company like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning. Our prices are fair and affordable and our techs are fully insured.

You know what happens if you hire a “guy” to clean your gutters without insurance and he breaks your neighbors window? Scratches your car? Pulls down the whole gutter and fascia? Happens to fall? YOU BECOME THE INSURANCE. Which means you are going to pay for it all (even with your own home insurance who will probably want to know why you hired someone to work on your home that didn’t have insurance in the first place). Kind of makes the “whole cheap price guy” into a very expensive lesson.

Is Gutter Cleaning More Expensive If I Have Gutter Guards?

Again, the short answer is yes. Obviously the gutter guards have to be removed in order to clean inside the gutters. And they have to be put back. And this takes time.

It is one of the reasons why we recommend that you don’t buy gutter guards in the first place. You can read all about gutter guards and our here. But here’s the simple, to the point reasons why:

  1. They don’t keep debris out of your gutters meaning that your gutters will still have to be cleaned at some point.
  2. For the going price of gutter guards you could have your gutters professionally cleaned and get better performance for about ten years.

It’s easy to see why we do not recommend gutter guards. Not only for the above but also because they give home owners a false sense of safety and performance which makes them even easier to overlook. And overlooking your gutters for too long can have consequences.

How To Save Money On Gutter Cleaning

Saving money on gutter cleaning doesn’t mean you have to do it yourself. Every home owner can save money on gutter cleaning by doing just a few things:

  • Have your gutters cleaned regularly. Twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall. This prevents any large build ups or clogs that can cost more to deal with.
  • Keep your landscape and trees trimmed as needed, especially near or over your roof.
  • Book your gutter cleaning ahead of time. In spring and fall, schedules get very tight and prices can go up simply because of supply and demand.

Why Hire Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning

We offer fast and affordable gutter cleaning services in communities just like yours, all across the country – but we are not a national company or a franchise. We work directly with local gutter cleaning technicians, connecting them with customers like you who need gutter cleaning services that are professional, efficient, and backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are thinking about gutter cleaning for your home (or business), we would like to be one of the companies you contact for a quote and hopefully consider for your gutter cleaning service.

All that’s left to do is get a quote. Click the link below and complete the simple two minute form (no credit card required and remember, no home appointment needed) to get a quote now.