Gutter Cleaning Prices

Gutter cleaning prices range from $100 to $233 for a single story home with approximately 150 linear feet of rain gutters. A two story home with approximately 200 feet of gutters can expect to pay between $160 and $450 for gutter cleaning service. Gutter cleaning prices depend on a number of factors including how long it has been since your last cleaning, gutter guards that must be removed and replaced, difficult areas to reach, and any excessive blockages that may be present.

The recommended schedule for gutter cleaning is twice a year in most places across the country however your home may need more depending on tree coverage and weather. Annually, the expense of professional gutter cleaning is affordable compared to the time, expense, and risk involved in doing it yourself.

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If you are a homeowner, and your home has rain gutters, then you are probably curious about gutter cleaning prices. Maintaining your rain gutter and downspout system is very important and failing to do so can lead to your home becoming damaged.

Before you decide that doing the job yourself is a good way to save money, you should take the time to learn about gutter cleaning cost and the factors that influence it. Cleaning out gutters is a very physically demanding job, so before you decide to do it yourself you really should think about what you are getting into.

Cleaning out your rain gutters and downspouts are going to involve climbing up and down a ladder multiple times. It’s going to involve working on top of a ladder, which of course means that there is a risk of falling. It’s going to involve sticking your hands in your gutters and pulling out the muck and debris that has built up in there.

Then after all of that if you want to do the job the right way you are going to have to spray out the gutter and then spray out your downspouts. Want to know the worst part about all of this? The worst part is that even if you do the job to the best of your ability you probably won’t be able to do as good of a job as a professional gutter cleaning company would.

So you are going to go through all of that hard work and as payment for it you are going to have gutters that are not cleaned and inspected at a professional level. Doesn’t exactly sound like the best way to spend a day now does it?

Here’s our recent video on what goes into gutter cleaning services and how gutter cleaning prices are determined:

What Do You Get With A Gutter Cleaning Service?

Are you wondering what the difference is between cleaning your gutters and downspouts yourself is compared to when a professional does it? Well, when a professional gutter cleaning company works on your gutters they do a lot of the same things that you do.

They climb up on a ladder and physically remove any obstructions that could be in your gutters. This includes leaves, dirt, insects, pine needles, bird nests, and anything else that may have gotten trapped in your gutters. The debris that has been trapped usually takes the form of a dark, slimy, sticky substance that is not a lot of fun to deal with.

Following removing of the muck by hand that is blocking your gutters the next step is to power wash them out. While you can use a water hose to spray out your rain gutters, it won’t be nearly as effective as an actual pressure washer. A pressure washer achieves much higher levels of water pressure than a water hose can, which means that more of the muck is removed. Not only do we take the time to pressure wash your gutters out, we also do the same for your downspouts.

This is important because most of the muck and debris that our pressure washing removes end up in your downspouts. Since a clogged downspout will render your gutters ineffective, we make sure we take the time to spray them out and make sure they are clear before we leave your home.

One of the more important services that should be included in your gutter cleaning cost is an inspection of your gutter and downspout system while it is being cleaned. A professional gutter cleaning company that employs well-trained technicians will have instructed them to inspect your gutters as they work. This will often allow them to uncover problems that you may not even know were there.

Our company will not only inspect your gutters and downspouts, we will fix any minor problems as we find them. When we are done with the cleaning process we will tell you about any minor problems that we corrected, and advise you of what you can do in the future to help prevent a recurrence of these same problems. Of course, there may be times that we uncover a more serious problem that requires more intensive repairs.

This most often happens when a rain gutter and downspout system has been neglected and not cleaned on a regular basis. If we do uncover a more serious issue we will report it to you and discuss options of what you can do to have the issue repaired and then the underlying cause fixed so it won’t happen again.

Is There A Way To Avoid Having Your Gutters Cleaned?

One thing that often frustrates people about gutter cleaning is the fact that it’s something that has to be done on a regular basis. It’s not like you have your gutters cleaned and then that’s the end of it. Many people make the mistake of turning to gutter guards, or gutter shields, or some other device of this nature in order to try to avoid having their gutters getting clogged with debris.

While gutter guards can slow down the rate at which debris enter your gutter and downspout system, they don’t always do this effectively. Worse yet, they give homeowners a false sense of security that often leads to rain gutter neglect.

If you are thinking of getting gutter guards our advice to you would be simple, don’t do it. Not only are they not as effective as they claim to be, they will actually cost you more money when the time comes to have your gutters and downspouts cleaned. The average cost of gutter cleaning is always going to be higher when a home has gutter guards in place.

That’s because it adds to the labor that has to be performed. The gutter guards have to be taken off then put back on, which is going to cost you money. So if you think that there is some magical solution out there that will keep you from ever having to deal with cleaning your gutters out again, you are mistaken.

What Does It Typically Cost To Have Your Gutters Cleaned?

There are a lot of factors that come into play when you are having your gutters cleaned by a professional company. Those factors include how many feet of gutters your home has, what the landscaping looks like around your home, and how many stories your home has.

If you have gutter guards, which we recommend against having, your cost is also going to be higher. You have to remember that the cost to clean gutters is going to be directly influenced by the amount of work that the company you hire has to perform.

So what exactly is the average cost to clean gutters in different types of houses with different lengths of gutter systems? The following examples should give you an idea of what are industry average prices. Let’s say that you have a single story home with about 150 feet of gutters. In this instance, you should be looking at an average cost of $75 to $200.

What about a single story home with about 180 feet of gutters? In this case, you should be looking at a cost of about $100 to $225. If you have a two-story home with around 200 feet of gutters you are going to be looking at an average gutter cleaning cost of around $110 to $225.

Another factor that will come into play when determining the cost to clean gutters at your home is the type of landscaping you have. If your home has a lot of trees, bushes, and other landscaping features that make it harder to gain access to your gutters, then this will usually end up causing the price for your gutter cleaning to go up. This shouldn’t be surprising since anything that causes a gutter cleaning company to have to expend more time and effort while working on your property would logically make the job more expensive for the homeowner.

How Our Pricing System Differs And Why Makes It Better

One thing that we are quite proud of is the way in which we provide pricing to our customers. When you need to have your gutters cleaned and are curious about gutter cleaning prices, most gutter cleaning companies will need to come to your home to give you an accurate estimate.

They can give you a rough estimate based on some information you provide over the phone, but this estimate is far from being a firm estimate. In fact, once the gutter cleaning company you hire comes to your home you shouldn’t be surprised if the price changes significantly.

We differ from this traditional manner of doing business in a number of ways. First, you don’t call us to set up an appointment. Instead, you go to our website and enter information about your home. This information will allow us to generate a firm price quote for you. When we say a firm price quote we mean just that. We don’t mean an estimate, we don’t mean a quote that could change based up a number of factors. We mean a quote that we give you that will be the price you pay when we show up.

How can we offer a firm price quote? Well, it’s really quite simple. Once we have your address we use satellite imagery to view your home so that we can see what the features are like. We also use a street view of your home so we can see what type of landscaping you have. You provide us with your home’s size, which allows us to determine the length of rain gutters you have. We then use software to determine how much work will be involved.

Since we have a clear picture of exactly what is going to be involved there aren’t really any surprises that we will run into. So we are confident we know exactly what is going to be involved in the gutter cleaning job for your home, which means we can give you a firm price.

Knowing exactly how much rain gutter cleaning is going to cost you is advantageous for a number of reasons. Not only will you be able to plan for the expense, you can also be confident that you won’t be taken advantage of. Many rain gutter cleaning companies will show up to your home the uncover something that will cause your price to go up.

Unless you are an expert in rain gutter cleaning you probably have no idea about what they are talking about. So for all you know they really could just be making something up so that they can charge you more money. With us, this never happens because we give you a firm quote up front.

Our Gutter Cleaning Services

Why The Cost Of Having Your Gutters Cleaned Is Really Affordable

The average cost to clean gutters really is not very high, so if you are hesitating to pay a professional for this reason you should realize that there are better ways to save some money. If you have never cleaned out gutters yourself then you are going to be in a for a rude awakening when you do it for the first time. If you have done it before then you know how much work is involved, and that alone should give you reason enough to hire someone to do the job for you.

Why else should you have your gutters cleaned frequently by a professional company? Well among other things the cost of cleaning gutters is far less than the cost to replace your gutters. A rain gutter system that has a lot of muck and debris in has more strain on it than a rain gutter system that is clean.

That additional strain placed on your rain gutter system will cause your gutters to fail sooner than they would if they were properly maintained. If they are properly cleaned and maintained your gutters can last for decades, perhaps even for as long as you live in your home. On the other hand, when they are not well maintained then they can fail far sooner, that means putting in a new gutter system.

A new gutter system will run into the range of thousands of dollars, which is far more than the average cost of cleaning gutters. Then after your new gutter system is in place you can either invest in regular gutter cleaning or end up with the same problem all over again. The bottom line is that ignoring your gutters and not having them cleaned and maintained will end up costing you far more than the average cost of gutter cleaning.

Why Hiring A Professional Gutter Cleaning Company Is Worth The Expense

Deciding that the low cost to clean gutters is well worth it instead of trying to do a very physically demanding job is the conclusion that most people come to. What not everyone that comes to this conclusion does, however, is realize that hiring a professional company that specializes in gutter and downspout cleaning is the only option that you should be considering.

It may be tempting to hire a handyman service, especially since they tend to charge less than an actual professional gutter cleaning company. But despite the apparent lower price, the risk that you put yourself at by paying this lower price makes this an option that you should never consider.

Why is it risky to hire a handyman to clean out your gutters? First of all, they are not likely to do as good of a job as a professional gutter cleaning company. A company that specializes in one thing tends to do that one thing better than a person that does a lot of different odd jobs. This is due to superior experience, as well as having the right tools for the job. Our gutter cleaning experts are trained extensively in the best way to clean gutters, and they also are given all of the equipment that they need in order to do the job well and to do it safely.

Another risk of not using a professional gutter cleaning company is the fact that any handyman you hire is not as likely to spot a problem with your gutters. Our highly trained team members are instructed to take their time as they work and to look for problems and never ignore them. On the other hand, a handyman is probably more interested in getting the job done quickly so that they can move on to the next one.

The final risk you face when hiring a handyman or other unlicensed gutter cleaner is the fact that in all likelihood they lack any type of insurance. So what happens when the handyman you hire, who lacks the experience of a gutter cleaning professional, takes a fall from a ladder? It’s a very real possibility, especially when you consider the fact that they will be on top of a ladder and be using water while cleaning out the muck from your gutters.

So if the person you hire falls and gets injured, and they have no insurance, then there is a very good chance you are going to be paying their medical bills. Needless to say that this is not a situation you want to be in. So while trying to save yourself some money by hiring a handyman you could end up costing yourself much more money.

Why Clean Pro Should Be Your Choice For Gutter Cleaning

If you want a company that will do the job the right way and will treat you with the respect you deserve, then you should contact us. When you do contact us through our website all you have to do is enter some basic information about your home. Then we will email you a firm quote, so you will know exactly what you will be paying us to do the job.

Many people are actually quite astonished at how competitive our prices are, especially when you take into account the level of service that we provide. Could you find a lower price gutter cleaning service? Maybe you could, but do you really think that they would provide the same level of expertise and professionalism that we do? Probably not.

Another great reason to hire us for your gutter cleaning needs is the fact that we place customer service above all else. We have a fairly simple business plan, and that plan is to provide the best possible service. By doing this we feel that we can get our customers to become long-term customers and also to refer us to their friends.

Now a lot of gutter cleaning companies will claim that they do a great job and provide outstanding customer service. So how can you know if what we are saying is true? Simple, go online and look around and do a little research. It’s pretty easy to find out just about anything using the internet, so go and look up what our customers are saying about us. We would be shocked if you found any negative reviews at all.

Schedule Now

It’s human nature to procrastinate, and this is especially true whenever you are dealing with anything that is going to cost you money. But the cost of cleaning gutters really is low enough that you shouldn’t be avoiding it. When you compare it with the cost of most other types of home maintenance, the average gutter cleaning cost seems like a bargain.

Add to that the fact that ignoring your gutters can result in a lot of expensive problems, and it should be clear that you really shouldn’t keep putting it off. Imagine how you would feel if you decided that you are going to contact us tomorrow to schedule a gutter cleaning appointment, then later today a portion of your gutter system collapses due to the weight from an excessive amount of debris that has been allowed to build up in it.

More than anything we want to assure you that the cost to clean gutters is low and affordable. We also want to assure you that we make the process as painless as possible for you. You don’t even have to call us, in fact, all you have to do is go to our website in order to set up your appointment.

Best of all you will know exactly what your bill will be before we even set foot on your property. If you want the best gutter cleaning company out there, that will do a great job at a great price, then please get a quote from us today.

Originally appeared in 2018 and updated 2019.