How Do Gutter Cleaning Pressure Washers Work?

Cleaning gutters is a notoriously annoying job. Getting up on a ladder and scooping all the gunk out of the gutters doesn’t make for a great afternoon. But, this method isn’t just unpleasant, it’s also difficult and potentially dangerous if you have a taller house. Using gutter cleaning pressure washers, you can safely clean out your gutters without having to climb up on a ladder.

Cleaning the Gutters on a Taller House

It’s recommended that you call a pro if you have a house that’s taller than 1 story. This is because it takes 2 people or special equipment to easily clean out the gutters of a multi-level house. Even with a gutter cleaning pressure washer, you may have trouble seeing the dirt to know if you did a good job or not. While pressure washers are great for home use, you still might want to consider professional help for a taller home.

If you don’t have any experience with pressure washing gutters, you also might think about seeing how the pros do it before you decide to get your own. It’s not a complex process, but a demonstration can be helpful for you to figure out exactly what you should be doing to clean your gutters with a pressure washing attachment. At very least, it could save you from making some common mistakes.

Using a Gutter Cleaning Pressure Washer

Gutter cleaning attachments for pressure washers will help you get the job done in less time without having to use a ladder. You can stand on the ground and walk the pressure washing attachment down the line to clean out your entire gutter system. The only thing you’ll need a ladder for is checking if you did a good job or not!

To use this type of attachment, you need to have your own pressure washer. You can’t use an attachment like this with a plain hose, because it won’t be able to get the water speeds you need to really clean the gutters. Along with a pressure washer, you’ll want an extension wand that will bring the attachment all the way up to the gutters. Some attachments come with these extensions, but not all of them. For the most part, the gutter cleaning extension is a rigid or flexible piece that’s cured at an angle to spray downwards into the gutters from the ground.

To use the attachments, assemble your gear on the ground and get your pressure washer ready. You should be able to point the attachment straight into the gutters from some comfortable standing point on the ground. Once you turn on the pressure washer, you should be able to walk along the ground and spray the gutters clean as you go.

Gutter cleaning pressure washers are a great addition to your cleaning arsenal. They can save a lot of time and will keep you from having to climb up the ladder But, if you have a multi-level house or you’ve never used a pressure washing attachment before, you may want to call in the pros at least once to see how it’s done before you start using your own. That is where Clean Pro comes in hand.  If you simply would rather not fool with it, we can provide you with a quote for gutter cleaning in minutes.