How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost In Kansas City, MO

Professional gutter cleaning in Kansas City, MO costs between $100 and $233 for a typical one story home with 150 to 200 linear feet of rain gutters.

Rain gutters in Kansas City experience plenty of rain and bit of snow mixed in every year. Kansas City gets over 42 inches of rain and over 15 inches of snow on average each year, putting your gutters to the test. With this abundant amount of water, you need to make sure that your gutters don’t overflow onto the ground or worse, damage windows, siding, and your foundation.

What will you pay if you have them professionally cleaned and what is included?

Gutter Cleaning Price: Kansas City, MO

Gutter cleaning for single story homes with 150 feet of gutters ranges from $127 to $219 with an average of $149. Multi-level and two story homes with 180 to 200 feet of gutters ranges from $179 to $349 with an average of $219. Your price may not be the same depending on the factors. You can receive a free, no obligation quote within fifteen minutes during normal business hours on our GET A QUOTE page.

Factors That Affect The Cost:

A number of factors can affect the gutter cleaning cost including hard to reach gutters, how long it has been since the last gutter cleaning, if any major blockages are present, and any damaged or broken gutters. These are impossible to calculate without a visual inspection of the gutters.

Any of these factors can increase the cost of gutter cleaning by $1 or more per linear foot.

What Is Included In Professional Gutter Cleaning?

Professional gutter cleaning includes removing debris from the roof surface, especially in valleys and areas leading to gutters. It also includes removing the debris from the gutter channels and downspouts as well as inspecting and providing minor maintenance such as tightening hangers. The gutter system is tested with water to verify flow.

The waste debris is bagged and disposed of along with your landscape or yard clippings or can be removed for disposal.

Why Hire Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning?

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