Tips For Preventing Gutter Damage in Little Rock, AR

Gutters and downspouts are a vulnerable but very important part of your Little Rock, AR home’s structure. Like your roof, they are exposed to the elements year round and play the same important role in keeping your home safe and dry. But being exposed means there is the possibility of them becoming damaged. Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning suggests these tips for preventing gutter damage will help you keep your gutters in good working order for years to come.

Tips For Preventing Gutter Damage in Little Rock, AR

How To Prevent These Types of Damages to Gutters:

  • Water Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Snow and Ice Damage

Water Damage

Excess water caused by clogs and other obstructions is the number one way gutters are damaged. At 8 pounds per gallon, plus the weight of the debris, a single run of clogged gutters along one eave can weigh over 400 pounds. This excess weight can damage hangers and attachments as well as woodwork or cause gutters to bend or break.

You can prevent water damage of this type with a semi-annual gutter cleaning.

Wind Damage

Wind can cause extensive damage to gutters and downspouts, often completely tearing them away from the structure. This kind of damage is most often caused by loose attachments that allow the wind to pull and further loosen the gutter or downspout. Eventually, sometimes rather quickly, the gutter or downspout will be simply blown off the side of your house. Not only will this damage your home where the gutter was attached there will be damage wherever the gutter or downspout falls.

Loose hangers and attachments should be corrected immediately or during a gutter cleaning service. Loose hangers can also be corrected as a part of a separate gutter repair service call.


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Snow and Ice Damage

Snow and ice can significantly damage rain gutters. Both place an extreme load on the gutters themselves as well as hangers and connections. Snow and ice build up on the roof edge and in the gutter due to the accumulation melting and refreezing.

Excess snow should be removed from areas of the roof as needed and a de-icer installed if appropriate. Gutters and downspouts must be clean and free-flowing in order to carry away water before it has a chance to freeze which requires a gutter cleaning service. With this, every homeowner is better prepared to prevent gutter and downspout damage and keep them working properly.

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