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Efficient Gutter Cleaning in Beaverton, OR: Tim’s Two-Story Home Transformation

At Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning, we take pride in making our customers’ lives easier by ensuring their homes are protected from the potential damage that clogged gutters can cause. One of our recent projects involved servicing Tim’s beautiful two-story home in Beaverton, Oregon. We’re thrilled to share the details of this job and how we helped Tim maintain a clean and efficient gutter system.

Tim’s Gutter Woes

Tim reached out to us with a common problem – clogged gutters. With the picturesque surroundings of Beaverton, he wanted to ensure that his home stayed in top-notch condition. Oregon’s frequent rain and lush greenery can lead to a buildup of leaves, twigs, and debris in gutters, potentially causing water damage to the house’s foundation and structure.

Tim, a conscientious homeowner, knew it was time to take action and decided to trust Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning for the job. He recognized that regular maintenance of his gutters was a small investment to protect his significant investment – his home.

The Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Difference

Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals arrived at Tim’s two-story home fully equipped to tackle the job. Here’s how we made a difference:

  1. Thorough Inspection: We started by conducting a comprehensive inspection of Tim’s gutter system to assess the extent of the clogging and the overall condition. This step is crucial to determine the best approach.
  1. Safe and Efficient Cleaning: With our assessment complete, we got to work, removing leaves, twigs, and debris by hand. We take pride in our environmentally friendly approach, ensuring no harmful chemicals are used in the process.
  1. Downspout Cleaning: Cleaning the gutters is only part of the job. We made sure to clear out the downspouts as well, guaranteeing a smooth flow for rainwater.
  1. Repairs and Maintenance: During the process, our team also identified some minor issues with Tim’s gutter system, such as loose brackets and small leaks. We addressed these problems promptly to prevent them from escalating into larger, more expensive repairs.
  1. Clean-Up: Our job isn’t done until the premises are as clean as they were when we arrived. We collected and disposed of all debris, leaving Tim’s property looking impeccable.
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Tim’s Satisfaction

When we were finished, we invited Tim to inspect our work. He was impressed not only by the efficiency and professionalism of our team but also by the detailed report we provided, outlining the work completed and any recommendations for ongoing maintenance.

Tim was elated with the transformation of his gutters and found peace of mind in knowing that his home was now safeguarded against potential water damage. Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning was pleased to assist Tim in protecting his home and ensuring its long-lasting beauty and structural integrity.

If you’re facing similar gutter issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning for a hassle-free and effective solution. We’re here to keep your home safe and sound, just like we did for Tim in Beaverton.

Our Happy Gutter Cleaning Customers

Client testimonials

L. Baker


Fine worker.. Seemed thorough

J. Caldwell


Francis texted me to let know he was servicing the house, when he got to the house, and when he was done. He cleaned up most everything and dumped it to. Let me know that payment instructions would come through email.

D. F


Seems fine. Did not whole whole process nor results yet

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