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Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning: Our Day with Jordan in Columbia, MO

Columbia, Missouri, with its vibrant university town charm and beautiful suburban neighborhoods, is a place many are proud to call home. Amidst its tree-lined streets and varied architecture, we had the pleasure of serving Jordan, a proactive homeowner who understands the value of meticulous home care.

Setting the Scene

Jordan’s one-story residence in Columbia speaks of comfort and warmth. Surrounded by trees that shower their leaves seasonally, his home stands as a testament to Columbia’s serene residential vibe. But, with these picturesque surroundings comes the inevitable task of gutter maintenance. That’s where Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning entered the picture.

Jordan’s Proactive Approach

Recognizing early signs of gutter clogs after a few heavy rainfalls, Jordan decided to stay ahead of potential problems. He reached out to us, hoping for a comprehensive cleaning solution that would ensure smooth water flow, especially with the rainy season setting in.

Diving into the Task

As we pulled up to Jordan’s property, we were met with the sight of gutters displaying signs of seasonal wear. Leaves, twigs, and a few stray pine needles had made their way into the gutter channels.

Columbia Gutter Cleaners
Gutter Cleaning in Columbia for Jordan Home

Equipped with our specialized tools and a passion for perfection, our team initiated the cleaning process. The single-story structure allowed us a swift and efficient approach. We methodically worked our way around the house, ensuring each section of the gutter was attended to.

After removing the larger debris by hand, our team used high-powered vacuums to ensure even the smallest particles were extracted. The downspouts, a critical component for water evacuation, were meticulously checked and cleared of any obstructions.

A Clean Finish

Once the gutters were debris-free, a water flow test was in order. We watched with satisfaction as water streamed smoothly through the cleaned gutters, safely away from Jordan’s foundation. This visual confirmation is crucial, as it guarantees that the work we’ve done meets our high standards and client expectations.

Wrapping Up in Columbia

Our day at Jordan’s residence was a reflection of our commitment to our clients. In Columbia, where nature and homes coexist beautifully, regular gutter maintenance becomes paramount.

For fellow Columbians and homeowners everywhere, remember that the health of your home often lies in the details. Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning is here to assist, ensuring that your sanctuary remains damage-free and beautiful.

If, like Jordan, you seek expert care for your home’s gutters, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to serve, protect, and elevate the life of your home.

Our Happy Gutter Cleaning Customers

Client testimonials

T. Boyd-Collins


Job was well done. I would use this again and refer to neighbors.

M. Rohler


very nice work. On time and efficient. Polite technician.

D. Goodwin


Excellent work! Very courteous workers.

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