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A Day with Clean Pro: Ensuring Serenity through Pristine Gutters for Leo in Durham, NC

Nestled amidst the lush greenery of Durham, North Carolina, Leo’s 1-story picturesque home symbolizes both tranquility and a welcoming warmth. While the property has always emanated a charming appeal, the silent trouble brewing atop, in the form of cluttered gutters, had long been going unnoticed.

The intervention came in the form of Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning, renowned for ensuring the seamless functionality of gutters which, in turn, guarantees the longevity of homes like Leo’s.

The foliage around Leo’s home, as beautiful and serene as it is, naturally posed a challenge to the gutter system. With autumn shedding its vibrant hues, the falling leaves were creating a blockage, threatening not only the structural integrity of the gutters but also risking potential water damage to the home.

Our day started with the Clean Pro team, well-versed and experienced in addressing such challenges, meticulously assessing the situation. The initial assessment is a pivotal part of our process, ensuring every cleaning task is not only thorough but also safe for both our team and your home.

Leo, like every vigilant homeowner, had a plethora of questions and concerns. Is the cleaning process safe for his vintage shingles? How does the maintenance plan work? Our team, in their characteristic professional and friendly manner, addressed every query, ensuring Leo was comfortable and confident in the process about to unfold.

Armed with state-of-the-art equipment, the Clean Pro team embarked on what we like to call a ‘rescue mission’ for gutters. The process is quiet and non-disruptive, ensuring that the peaceful ambiance of Leo’s home remained undisturbed. With precise and efficient movements, years of accumulated debris were carefully removed from the gutters. Our team ensures that the collected waste is disposed of responsibly, adhering to all local regulations and our commitment to being environmentally responsible.

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Upon completion, our team provided Leo with before and after images, visually conveying the transformation that had taken place above. But our job doesn’t end with just a one-time clean. We understand the cyclic nature of gutter clutter, especially in areas enveloped with ample nature. Thus, Clean Pro also offered Leo a maintenance plan, tailored to his home and surroundings, ensuring that his gutters remain in impeccable condition year-round.

Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning’s visit to Leo’s home in Durham was not merely a task of cleaning gutters; it was a holistic approach to preserving the serenity, beauty, and safety of a home.

Leo’s relaxed smile post-service, his confidence in our commitment, and the satisfaction in providing that peace of mind is a narrative that we at Clean Pro strive to write with every client and every home.

And thus, in the heart of Durham, amidst the fluttering leaves and the serene neighborhoods, Leo’s home stands tall and protected, with gutters functioning at their prime, safeguarding his tranquil sanctuary against the elements, season after season.

We’re here to extend the same level of care, expertise, and peace of mind to you. Explore a world where your gutters are the least of your worries, with Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning. Your home is our priority.

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T. Terrell


Excellent job! You arrived on the date promised and left everything immaculate. Very positive experience!

R. Dobson


Service was scheduled in the next day or so, francis arrived on time, thoroughly cleaned all the gutters in 1.5 hours, removed all debris, and provided picture evidence of final results. Francis was courteous and professional and it was a pleasure doing business with the company.



Great job! Timely, courteous and thorough!

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