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Brandon’s Gutter Cleaning Experience in Portland, OR

Living in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon, has its perks – from the lush greenery, historic sites, to the vibrant cultural scene. However, with the city’s occasional downpours and foliage-filled surroundings, it also means that homeowners like Brandon have to pay particular attention to their home’s gutters.

Brandon owns a cozy one-story home nestled in one of Portland’s serene neighborhoods. The rustic charm of his home is accentuated by the tall pine trees that border his property. However, these very trees, while adding beauty, also mean a regular downpour of pine needles and leaves into the gutters.

Last month, upon inspecting his gutters, Brandon noticed that they were choked with debris. Water overflow, potential roof damage, and even foundational issues crossed his mind. Aware of these potential hazards and the painstaking task of cleaning it himself, he decided to seek professional assistance and contacted Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning.

The team from Clean Pro was quick to respond. Upon arrival, they conducted an initial assessment. The gutters were indeed filled with layers of pine needles, leaves, and even a few small twigs. The downspouts, essential for directing water away from the home, were clogged, posing potential risks for the upcoming rainy season.

With their specialized equipment and trained personnel, Clean Pro set to work. The process was systematic. They started by removing the bulky debris with gloved hands, ensuring that no damage was done to the gutters.

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The finer particles and stubborn dirt were then cleaned using high-pressure water jets. The downspouts were given particular attention, ensuring they were unclogged and water could flow freely.

In just a few hours, Brandon’s gutters were pristine and fully functional. But the service didn’t stop there. Clean Pro ensured that all the debris was properly disposed of, leaving Brandon’s property as clean as they found it. They also provided Brandon with some valuable tips on maintenance and signs to watch for to prevent potential clogging in the future.

Brandon was more than satisfied with Clean Pro’s service. Not only did they save him from a potentially back-breaking weekend task, but they also ensured his home was prepared to handle Portland’s unpredictable weather patterns.

For homeowners like Brandon in Portland and its surrounding areas, routine gutter maintenance is crucial. And with professionals like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning, the task becomes hassle-free, ensuring homes remain damage-free and looking their best.

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C. Robinson


very fast & efficient.

M. Pettit


The cleaners did a great job. The before and after pictures are quite dramatic. Sam was very polite and friendly. I will be calling them next year.

J. Buergert


Service was great - person who came to clean was delayed a few times but kept in touch.

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