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The Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Experience: How We Solved Justin’s Gutter Woes in Tacoma, WA

Nestled in the heart of Tacoma, WA, Justin’s charming one-story home is a testament to meticulous care and community charm. But, like many homes in the Pacific Northwest, it’s not just the evergreens that thrive here; the abundant rainfall can wreak havoc on gutters. This is where Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning stepped in – to ensure that Justin’s home stays as pristine as the Tacoma rain is relentless.


Justin contacted us after noticing water spillover during the season’s first heavy downpour. The culprit? Clogged gutters – a common issue in our tree-rich region. With our reputation for thorough, hassle-free service, he trusted us to restore his gutters to their optimal condition. We were up to the task.


Upon arrival at Justin’s residence, our Clean Pro team conducted a detailed inspection. The gutters were brimming with leaves, twigs, and the occasional tennis ball – remnants of a summer well spent. Recognizing the potential for water damage to Justin’s home, we knew a comprehensive clean-out was essential.


Our experienced technicians sprang into action. Equipped with specialized tools and a customer-first attitude, we meticulously cleared every inch of Justin’s gutter system. But our service didn’t stop there; we flushed the gutters with water to ensure a free-flowing system, checked downspouts for hidden blockages, and performed a full functional assessment.

Our team is not only about cleaning; we’re about caring. We identified a few minor issues where the gutters had begun to pull away from the roofline. With Justin’s go-ahead, we made on-the-spot repairs to prevent future mishaps.

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In just a few hours, Justin’s gutters were not just cleaned; they were Clean Pro certified. As the last of the debris was carted away, the satisfaction of another job well done was evident on our team’s faces – and Justin’s relief was palpable. No more water spillovers. No more gutter worries. Just the sound of a smooth flow every time the rains came.


For residents of Tacoma, WA, like Justin, gutter maintenance is a vital part of home care. At Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning, we deliver more than just a service – we ensure tranquility in the midst of nature’s downpours. If you’re noticing signs of clogged gutters, don’t wait for the next big rain. Contact us and join homeowners like Justin in making gutter woes a thing of the past.

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S. Muhlbach


Great cleaning job and took care of gutter problems

T. Shipman


Quick, professional and completely painless procedure.

L. Carter


With this service i was impressed. They/she were/was punctual and prepared. From start to finish she did a complete and thorough job. No hesitation. She tarped the cement, so as to protect it, and got on her ladder. She cleaned the gutters and then ran water to make sure they were working. She answered our questions, and proved to be an asset. Thank you kelly for your great service. I would not hesitate higher clean pro gutter cleaning again. Sincerely greg

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