Vendor FAQs

Before filling out an application, you will need to read through our FAQs to make sure you understand what we require and what you will receive.  Read through the following information then at the bottom, you can click on the link to go to the application.

We can’t answer every single question that might come up, however, we have put down the vast majority that is pertinent to deciding if this is the right choice for you. Please read through the questions and answers below.  After that, if you would like to apply to become a vendor, there will be a link provided so that you can do that online.

Listed below are the most common questions we receive –

What am I paid, and when am I paid?

The Amounts:   The average pay for most jobs is around $100.00.  We do not pay based on the height of the home or what size ladder you might have to use; we pay based on what we can charge and on how long we anticipate the job is going to take.  This means you will sometimes get a two story home that pays $75 and one story home that pays $75 as well.  A two story home that is 2,000 Sqft that has gutters in front and back only will take about the same time as a one story 1500 sqft with gutters all around.  Again, we pay based on what we are able to charge for the home and how long it take to complete. The minimum amount we pay for a cleaning is $65 and that is for a very small home.

How Often: We remit payment twice a month (the 9th and the 23rd – provided those dates don’t fall on the weekend) and provided you have turned in the completed photos of the cleaning.

What Methods: We only remit payment via Direct Deposit Or Paypal – Your Choice!  We do not send manual checks.

What Is Required Of Me In Regards To Cleaning The Gutters Out?

Communications – We expect you to stay in communications with us throughout the process of receiving the work orders and getting the jobs completed.

We send all initial work orders over via text message.  It will have the address of the home, the height, whether it has guards or not, the last time it was cleaned, if there is a detached garage and any other notes that we deem pertinent. At the end of the text we will ask you for a date.  Once we have a date from you, we will let the homeowner know, and everything will be finalized and you will be sent a work order via email with the full information you will need to complete the job.

Because we are at a standstill until we hear back from you as to the date, we have a time limit on our text messages.  If we don’t hear back from you within an hour, we typically are going to reschedule the job with another vendor.  You need to be aware of this  as this is a problem for some people.

The day of the job you will be sent a reminder via text message. At the end of the message, it will ask you to give us an approximate time you intend to arrive on the job.  You are required to reply back and let us know.

As you get to the job, here are the requirements:

  • Arrive at job and text the job ADDRESS and ‘OTJ’ to 662-483-0252
  • Take a photo of the property that clearly shows the address and the front of the house
  • Attempt to contact the homeowner and tell them you are with Clean Pro and that you are on-site to clean their gutters (the homeowner does not have to be home to do the work as long as you have access)
  • Set up to clean the gutters (watch for landscaping!)>
  • Take a MINIMUM OF 10 ‘BEFORE’ PHOTOS of existing debris in gutter(s) prior to cleaning
  • Proceed to clean all the interior tracks of the gutters and downspouts, flush with water as needed, then clean up all of the debris and remove it offsite.
  • Take a MINIMUM OF 10 ‘AFTER’ PHOTOS of clean gutter(s) in same spots as above Breakdown and prepare to leave
  • Fill out and leave the Completed Service Letter with the owner or leave at door (if you leave at door you should take a photo of it)
  • Text the ADDRESS and ‘EOJ’ to 662-483-0252

The job is now finished. ALL of the photos you took at the job MUST BE EMAILED TO US WITHIN 24 HOURS OF FINISHING THE JOB. Send an email (with just the pictures attached) this way: SUBJECT: [PUT IN THE JOB ADDRESS] Once we receive the email above and the work is verified we consider the job complete and we will then process for payment. If the pictures are not turned in or if the pictures do not show before/after the cleaning, you will not be paid for the work  The only way we can verify the job was done correctly (and show the homeowner this is the case) is by showing them the pictures of the cleaning.

As you can see, it really isn’t that big of a deal.  Keep good communications with us and do a proper job cleaning the gutters out.

Scheduling Questions

What happens if I need to reschedule? Prior to scheduling a job, we inquire as to the date in which you can do the work.  Because of this, we expect the job to be completed by that date.  If a job must be rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances (weather, equipment failure) you will need to inform your supervisor and work on a reschedule date so we can let the homeowner know.

Can the gutters be cleaned prior to the scheduled date? Yes, unless the homeowner has asked us not to specifically, you can always clean the gutters out prior to the date that it is scheduled on.  You would need to let us know so we can advise the homeowner that you are planing to be on-site earlier than the scheduled date.

Does the homeowner have to be home for me to clean the gutters? No, we do not require the homeowner to be present for the gutters to be cleaned out.

Can I get one job (or multiple jobs) on each day We try to evenly spread out the work to all the vendors and will still depend on the availability of work in your area.

Working Hours:

Can I work on the weekend? Yes, you are allowed to work on Saturdays (we do not work on Sundays).

Can I work only two days a week? Yes, you can. This will depend on the availability of work in your area.

Can I work during evening times? No, we do not want anyone starting a job after 3PM.  Our offices close at 5PM and we will not be available to respond to any support issues.

Can I work during morning time? Yes, you can and this is the preferred time.

Who Handles Collecting Payments:

Do I handle the invoice and payment from the customer? No, the invoice is sent to them upon completion of the job via email and we collect all payments. You do not need to worry regarding that. If you have been commissioned to do other jobs for the client for side work, you will handle the invoice and the payment for that specific job.

Can I Promote My Own Business To Your Clients?

Am I allowed to promote my own business? Yes, as long as you don’t promote your “gutter cleaning” business, we have no issue with you speaking with the homeowner and trying to provide them with other services that you might offer.  We prefer that you do this after the job has been completed and they are satisfied. Many of our vendors make a substantial amount of money on the side doing this far in excess to what we are able to pay for the gutter cleanings.

About How We Work

Can I call you/you can call me? We prefer communication to be done via text message or email only. Most of the questions that are asked are covered in this FAQ and if there are any other questions that you need answered, you can just email.  100% of our communication to our vendors is completed via email/text messaging, so we want that habit to be established early in this relationship.

Can I visit you in person: No, we are an online business and we do not keep a storefront office that can be visited by vendors or customers.

How Much Work Is There In My Area

Do you stay business in my area? That really depends on the area of the country we are talking about.  As a company, we work all over the United States but as has been stated previously, gutter cleaning is a cyclical business with peaks and troughs.  When we are busy, we are busy and when we are slow, we are slow.  Due to the nature of this type of business, there is no way we can predict how much work you will receive.  This is also one of the reasons we look for vendors that have stable businesses currently.

How many people are already working with you in my city? We try to maintain several vendors in each city that we provide services in.

How Do I Apply And What Is The Process?

The first step is reviewing our minimal requirements below:

  • Own a 32′ ladder or above
  • Have required tools required to clean gutters (buckets, gloves, ladders, etc)
  • Ability to transport a 32′ ladder or above with your vehicle
  • A phone capable of utilizing text messaging
  • Being able to email pictures to the office
  • Being able to respond to the office in a timely manner (within 30 to 60 Minutes)
  • Ability to keep an appointment without the need to re-schedule
  • Have the ability to haul off any debris found in the guttering
  • Carry yourself in a professional manner

If you meet the minimum requirements, the next step is fill out our application and contract to work with us.

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Client testimonials

Flossie L.


Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning has been cleaning my family's gutters for years now and they do well by all of us. They treat us fairly, they're honest, they do an outstanding job and we really couldn't ask for a better company to do business with.

Deborah B.


It was so easy to make the appointment for gutter cleaning online. Communication with the company was excellent. They gave an estimate that was beyond fair considering the gutters were in desperate need of cleaning.

The job was done thoroughly without need for contact. I conveniently paid the bill online. We are so happy to have found this excellent company and highly recommend them.

Kye V.


I called Clean Pro because my neighbors were getting their gutters cleaned by them and they came out great. We've got a bit of a problem with birds nesting in our gutters which is causing a clog and making the water overflow and get all over the place.

Clean Pro was quick to answer the phones and get us setup with an appointment. The came out on Tuesday and got them all cleaned out. The level of attention to detail was great and our gutters look amazing..

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