Gutter Cleaning

Thank you for expressing your interest in working as a vendor for Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning.  This page should answer most of your questions in regards to what is involved with being a vendor for us and how this benefits you.  As a company, our success has been directly attributed to the solid vendors that we have and their dedicated work.  We only want the best and that is what we are looking for in our applicants.

Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning and its parent company KJB Ltd, is a national service based company that focuses on home related services.  We operate under several business names and websites depending on the market in question.  Our goal is to make it easy for the customer to get their gutters cleaned and the vendor to make great money cleaning gutters.

We provide the web infrastructure, the quoting, the jobs, the communications with the home owner, and the collections, and our vendors focus on just getting the work done.  On top of that, we encourage our vendors to promote their own services to our customers (as long as it isn’t gutter cleaning).


To begin with, here are a few benefits for working with us:

  • Affiliated with a recognized national company
  • Earn great money for gutter cleaning
  • Get to promote your own services to our customers
  • Get paid online twice a month (Direct Deposit)
  • Communications are easy (text and email)

One thing that must be kept in mind is that Gutter cleaning is a cyclical business so we will be busy then we will be slow and there is nothing we can do about that.  We do not guarantee a certain amount of jobs per week or month and this is not full time work. This is one of the reasons we really only want to work with existing businesses that want extra work, but are financially stable enough currently.

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After many years, we have learned that the vendors that stick with us over the long term, are those that see the potential for leads that we provide.  Our ideal vendor is typically a small business in which the owner is typically out in the field with or without helpers.  If you have the personality to always be looking for other areas of making money, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.  If you are just looking to clean a gutter and go home, you will, most likely, not work out for the long term.

Listen to what our vendor in Memphis, Tn had to say:

I have been with Clean Pro for a few years now. It was exactly what I needed to fill in the gaps when work was slow. This also led to more work via gutter repair, wood repair, painting, pressure washing, etc. My income has increased each year and it looks like the sky is the limit. I am excited to see what will happen this year. Thanks Clean Pro.  – Rick Tatum

And Justin had this to say:

I’ve been working for pro gutter for about 8 months now….I ready like working for Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning. Why? well,

1) I’m my own boss..!!

2) I only deal with 1 person…

3) I can schedule the job when its convenient for my schedule

Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning  is a very easy business to work for. If you like working out doors, making easy money and being your own boss, you should look into becoming a vendor for Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning. I was a little wary at first, because it’s a little bit of a process to get it going, but once I set up my account everything came together and this is one of the best choices I have made. Don’t think twice go to the site and sign up … Its all worth it in the end… I have enjoyed my business with Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning and look forward to the future…         Sincerely Justin  R.

We can continue to post reviews from our vendors, but at this point, you get the point.Our goal is to find quality people and develop long term business relationships with them.  We rely upon them to get the job done correctly and we want to make sure that our relationship is always a win – win -win.

The customer wins because they get a great job, our vendors win because they are paid fairly and on time and they get to the potential for more business with each one of our clients, and we win because we get happy customers and vendors and everyone in the office gets to keep their jobs too.

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I’m sure at this point, there are a lot of questions you will have about how this works and what you have to do to get started.  We have created a frequently asked question page that you can view right here – FAQ that should fill you in on the details and let you decide if you want to fill out an application.