Why Fall Gutter Cleaning Is Important [New for 2023]

Fall gutter cleaning is the most important outdoor home maintenance task on every homeowner’s checklist. Along with raking leaves and tidying up before winter – gutter cleaning is important to make your home winter-weather ready. Here we describe why it is so important and how gutter cleaning can help protect your home and family.

There is more debris in the fall.

Fall is the time of year when the majority of debris is going to fall into your gutters and cause a clog. Even without trees directly over them, gutters accumulate debris blowing in the wind, roof grit, abandoned bird nests, and other items that will cause dangerous clogs and overflows.

And even homes with gutter guards and screens need to take care of their gutters, especially in the fall – as you can see in the image above.

The weather presents risks.

Fall and winter weather can cause real problems for your gutters and your home. From sudden torrential rainstorms to freezing temperatures – fall and winter weather can cause problems. If gutters are clogged and cannot carry water safely away from your roof, walls, and outdoor spaces – the water will enter your home somehow.

Frozen water in your gutters will also cause them to sag and bend as well as contribute to dangerous ice dams and the possibility of leaks into attic spaces.

Fall gutter cleaning helps prevent pests.

Pests and rodents like squirrels and mice are searching for a spot for their winter home. Gutters that are full of leaves make the perfect place for them to make a nest. If they have a chance, these rodents will try to find a way into your warm and dry attic as well.

Once rodents make their way into an attic space or walls – they are very challenging and expensive to deal with needless to say – given the amount of damage they can do.

Gutter cleaning helps protect your home and family in the winter – and year-round. The only way gutters and downspouts can do their job properly is for them to be clean year-round. The damage – and expense associated with it, that can be caused by clogged gutters can be extensive.

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