5 Signs That You Have Clogged Gutters

Thinking you might have clogged gutters? The common signs listed in this article will tell you if you do have clogged gutters at your home.

Gutter cleaning is a part of your normal home maintenance checklist – something you as a homeowner know you need to get done at least twice a year in most parts of the country. Gutters can get clogged any time of year though – branches and twigs, roof grit, and even toys can all cause clogged gutters. It doesn’t take much either! Just a handful of tree pollen in the wrong place can cause a major clog and overflowing gutters.

If your gutters are clogged and it does rain – even a reasonably small amount, they will overflow which can potentially cause serious damage to your home. The list of things that can be damaged by overflowing gutters is long but at the top of the list are paint, wood surfaces, roofing, windows, landscaping, and your foundation and basement. Any of these will run you hundreds if not thousands of dollars to repair.

The best way to avoid these problems and more is to know when your gutters may be clogged and to check them often. Here are 5 signs that you have clogged gutters.

1. Water is spilling over the sides of the gutters

This is a sure sign that your gutters are clogged and full of water. With nowhere else to go, water will overflow the already clogged gutter or downspout and come sheeting down onto your wood, walls, landscaping – and worse, into your foundation and basement.

2. You can see things growing in the gutters

Plant growth in your gutters is also a sure sign that they are clogged. Plants and small trees will grow where there is soil or dirt and water. We often see small forests of trees growing in gutters especially in areas with large amounts of tree coverage. Moss and grasses can also grow in just the smallest amount of soil or water.

3. There are a lot of birds and pests near your gutters

Birds and insects are attracted to the water and the convenient nesting spots created by clogged gutters. Rodents like squirrels and mice are also attracted and can make nests in your gutters or use it as a point of entry into your attic. Insects like wasps and mosquitoes are definitely attracted to the gunky water and become real problems if you are trying to enjoy your outdoor spaces.

4. You can see black streaks on the side of your gutters

Black streaks on gutters are the residue of water that has overflowed. A small amount of roof adhesive becomes trapped in the water that overflows and leaves a stain behind after it drys. These can be removed by a professional gutter cleaner after the inside of your gutters has been cleaned.

5. Parts of your gutters are sagging down

Sagging gutters indicate there is a lot of weight being trapped inside the gutter in the form of water, dirt, and gunk. If left unchecked – gravity will do its thing and eventually it can pull the entire section of gutters down. If they do come down, a falling gutter can weigh up to 400 pounds or more which will definitely cause damage or injury.

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