Are Seamless Gutters Better Than Sectional Gutters?

Gutters are a necessary part of your home’s structure. While all gutters are useful, there are different types of gutters that will have their own benefits. We’re going to look at seamless and sectional gutters to see which one may be a better choice for your home.

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Seamless Vs. Sectional Gutters

The difference between the two types of gutters is as obvious as it sounds. Seamless gutters don’t have any seams on the long sides, only around the downspouts and corners. Sectional gutters are made from separate pieces put together, creating a lot of seams.

Both types of gutters can be made with the same materials. The most common gutter materials are aluminum, steel, and vinyl. The vinyl gutters can come in a variety of colors, while the metal gutters are able to be painted if you want to change their look.

Each gutter system needs to be maintained the same way and at the same times, although seamless gutters are easier to clean than sectional gutters. You won’t have to worry about debris and dirt getting caught around the seam edges, so the cleanup is usually quicker and easier.

Seamless gutters need to be installed by a professional, which adds to the cost. They are usually higher cost anyway, even without the option for DIY installation, because they have to be customized to your home. Sectional gutters are a cheaper alternative, and you can choose to install them on your own if you have the ability. However, seamless gutters tend to last longer and have fewer issues during their lifespan. Sectional gutters are more prone to leak, especially around the long section seams.

Benefits of Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are recommended by many construction professionals. What are the benefits that you won’t also get from sectional gutters? While both are useful and functional, seamless gutters do have a few distinct advantages:

  • Easier Gutter Cleaning

It’s really easy to clean out seamless gutters, since you won’t have large clogs around every seam. You can easily push dirt out of the entire gutters system.

  • Longer Lasting

Seams are usually the trouble spots for gutters. This is where moisture sits and creates rust, leaks, etc. Seamless gutters have far fewer leaks, make them last as lot longer without any additional maintenance needed.

  • Quicker Installation

Although you can’t install them yourself, seamless gutters are really quick to put up. Individual sections won’t need to be put up one by one, since it’s all one long piece for each side.

  • Higher Durability

For the same reason that seamless gutters last longer, they are also more durable. With fewer places to spring leaks or create clogs, seamless gutters are very durable to stand up to snow, ice, sticks, leaves, and rain more easily.

  • Less Moisture

When moisture sits in the gutters too long it can transfer into your home as well. Sectional gutters sometimes capture moisture unintentionally around the seams, while seamless gutters let a larger portion of the moisture dry up or drift past to the downspouts.

  • Better Looking + Home Value

Seamless gutters look sleek and attractive, not clunky or bulky. They can also increase the value of your home if you’re planning to sell it in the future.

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Seamless gutters are a bigger initial investment than sectional gutters, but they’re worth considering because of the added benefits they give your home.

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