Fall Gutter Cleaning: When Is the Best Time Of Year?

Fall is the most important time of the year to have your gutters cleaned. It is the time of year when most of the leaves and other debris fall and clog up your gutter system. Our customers will ask us “when is the best time to schedule my fall gutter cleaning?” or “should I clean my gutters before or after the leaves fall?” Our answer is always after leaves fall but it really depends on your circumstances.

We’re going to tell you a little bit about fall gutter cleaning, when to schedule your gutter cleaning, and why you should never avoid having them cleaned in the first place.

Why is Fall So Important for Gutter Cleaning?

It may seem obvious but fall is the time of year when most trees drop their leaves. Not all trees – pine trees drop needles year round, but most landscape trees will drop their leaves during the fall. If you have gutters on your home then you also know that these leaves will get clogged up in them especially during the fall.

Clogged gutters will cause expensive damage to your home if they are not cleared out on a regular basis – at least twice a year. Leaves are the worst thing for your gutters and that includes gutters with screens or covers as we will explain.

Clogged gutters will trap water instead of carrying it away from your home when it rains. The trapped water will damage your roof and can cause leaks into your home. It is also dangerous because it is heavy and can cause your gutters to pull away from the roof and fall. And in the winter, trapped water will become ice, creating an even bigger and more dangerous problem.

Clogged gutters also cause any excess rainwater to overflow the already full gutter. These overflows will seep into the ground around your foundation, leaking into your basement or crawl spaces, or damaging your foundation. It can also cause landscape damage and mold inside your basement.

Winter Can Damage Your Gutters and Your Home

The freezing temperatures of winter in most parts of the country can cause a lot of expensive damage to your gutters and to your home if they are clogged. Frozen gutters will thaw out and split, they cannot carry water from melting ice and snow away from roof, and many other problems. The best thing is to try and schedule your fall gutter cleaning so that is is very close to the time when all of your trees have lost the majority of their leaves.

Clogged Downspouts Are Also a Problem

Gutter cleaning without clearing the downspouts is pointless but we cannot tell you how many times homeowners have contacted us and said “my gutters are overflowing but I just had them cleaned.” This is almost always because of clogged downspouts. We take the extra time to not only clear the downspouts but to also make sure that your gutter system flows properly all the way from the roof to the ground.

Check Your Gutters Year Round And Have Them Cleaned in the Fall

You should always be checking your gutters throughout the year – especially after it rains. Look for signs of puddles near the foundation of your home or black streaks on the outside of the gutters. These signs mean that your gutters are clogged and that they have overflowed.

Fall gutter cleaning is important to keeping your home safe from the damaging effects of water and this goes for homes with guards or screens installed too. Just because you have screens does not mean that leaves and debris cannot get into them – screens only keep out the big stuff and you may have leaves matted together covering up the gutters. This will cause water to just flow over the top and down onto whatever is below causing all kinds of problems.

Do I Need To Have My Gutters Cleaned Twice in the Fall?

You may need to have your gutters cleaned twice in the fall especially if you have a number of large trees in your yard or that of a neighbor. Remember, leaves are carried in the breeze and even if you don’t have large trees in your yard, your neighbor’s trees may be filling up your gutters! If you do have a large amount of trees and are concerned about wintertime freezing temperatures causing problems for your gutters you may want to invest in two cleanings just to be sure your gutters are free and clear and will not freeze.

Get Your Professional Gutter Cleaning Service Scheduled Early

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You will be able to schedule a convenient time for your cleaning and you do not have to be home when the service is done in most cases. Our invoicing is all online so there is no need to be home to write a check or leave one under the doormat! Our local technicians will take care of most home gutter cleaning services in an hour or two and they will leave everything nice and clean for you. Lastly, we stand behind all of our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we have over 1,000 great reviews to back up our reputation.

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Now Is The Time For Your Fall Gutter Cleaning!

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