Gutter Repair Cost

If you have leaking or otherwise damaged rain gutters you are probably wondering about gutter repair cost. It’s usually the first thing that people think of when they realize that they have a problem. Whether you decide you don’t want to try to fix it yourself, or you feel the job is more than you can handle, hiring a professional to handle the job is your best bet at this point. So it’s not surprising that you are wondering how much it’s going to cost you to get the repair work done.

Unfortunately it’s not as simple as a cut and dry answer. The gutter repair cost that you pay is going to depend on a lot of factors, and it’s important that you understand that. It’s also important that you call around a little to get different quotes so that you can ensure that whatever company you hire is charging you fairly.

Factors That Influence Gutter Repair Cost
There are several factors that will influence your gutter repair cost, so don’t be surprised if you get different quotes from different companies. Generally speaking the easier the repair job is, the less you will have to pay. That’s true for most lines of work, and the gutter repair industry is no different. You should also keep in mind that the gutter repair cost where you live will likely be different than it would be in different regions.

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That doesn’t necessarily mean it will be higher, but it could. Things tend to cost more in areas that are more affluent with higher priced homes, and that’s true for gutter repair cost as well. Excluding location the following are some of the major things that will influence how much it costs for you to get your gutters repaired.

1. The Amount Of Damage And The Type Of Damage
If you have a relatively minor amount of damage to your rain gutters then the company you hire won’t be charging you as much as they would if you had a major problem. It’s all a matter of time that they have to spend working on your rain gutters. If they can be done in an hour chances are you are going to pay a lot less than you would if they had to spend all day at your home. It’s also going to cost you less if the company you hire can repair the damage without having to replace anything.

Obviously when you have new materials going into your home gutter system you are going to have to pay for those materials. Hopefully any damage that has happened is something that can be fixed without having to replace any of your gutters or other hardware. So in short less damage is going to cost you less money.

2. How Many Stories Your Home Has Is A Big Factor On Gutter Repair Cost
If you have a single story home then the technicians that come out to your home can get away with using a small ladder. On the other hand if they have to work on a multiple story home then it’s going to cost you more money. Not only is it going to require additional equipment to get to the upper levels of your home, it’s also going to be much more work repairing gutters on an upper level.

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Add to that the added risk of working on upper levels and it shouldn’t surprise you that it’s going to cost more to have the gutters in a multi story house than it would in a single story house.

3. The Amount Of Material Your Gutters Are Made With Is Another Big Factor In Gutter Repair Cost
In the event that the gutter repair company has to replace parts or even all of your rain gutters, the material that they are made of is going to play a big role in how much the repair job is going cost you. If you have gutters made from vinyl then the cost for replacing them will be much less in material cost than it would if you had copper or stainless steel gutters.

On the other hand vinyl rain gutters are much easier to remove and replace than their metal counterparts, so it will take more labor for the metal ones. Despite the higher cost of labor involving metal rain gutters, the overall lower cost of material for vinyl gutters will make replacing them a less costly endeavor.

The Final Verdict
After looking at the different factors that affect the cost of a gutter repair job you are probably wondering what is the average price you should expect to pay. Nationally the average cost for a gutter repair job is around $130. Now keep in mind that this is an average price and it will vary depending upon where you live. It will also vary depending on the type of repair work you need done, and how much if any new materials are going to be used in the repair job. When you stop to think about the type of damage you are exposing your home to if your gutters don’t work right, that $130 average seems very reasonable.

There are some types of gutter repair jobs that you can probably handle just fine on your own. Then there are other types of gutter repair jobs that are best left to the professionals. Which way you proceed will depend upon your skill level when it comes to general home repairs, your access to the right materials, and your ability to make an intelligent decision. If you look at a gutter repair job and think that you may be biting off more than you can chew, then you probably are.

The last thing you want to do is to try to take on a job that is going to be too difficult, then end up causing damages that will cost you more money. So be honest with yourself and then decide if you should try to do it yourself or not. Above all else make sure you don’t ignore the problem, because it won’t go away on it’s own. In fact it will get worse when ignored, which can end up costing you a lot more money. We are always here to help – Click here to get a quote and let us take care of the problem for you.