Should I Buy Gutter Guards?

The Decision to Buy Gutter Guards: It’s Not as Simple as You Might Think.

Deciding if you should buy gutter guards is one homeowners must consider. The decision should be based on the total expense involved with not only having guards installed but their cleaning, maintenance, and upkeep as well. Given that gutter guard systems can cost upwards of $10 per linear foot and require maintenance (including gutter cleaning) it is wise for homeowners to consider all the facts before jumping into a purchasing decision.

Since our whole job here at Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning is to clean out dirty gutters, homeowners sometimes ask me “Should I buy gutter guards?” There have been quite a few times that I have discussed this with a homeowner who realized that her gutters were clogged, but just couldn’t understand why since “the gutter guards were supposed to make sure that never happened.”

I don’t know of any gutter protection system that promises that your gutters will never have to be cleaned again, but that is still the underlying assumption most homeowners have.

Gutter Guards Only Delay Gutter Cleaning, It Still Has To Be Done.

At best, most gutter guards will only delay the amount of time you can spare in between gutter cleanings. For example, you may be able to go from having them cleaned twice a year to once a year, but they will still have to be cleaned nonetheless.

I asked some of my fellow gutter cleaners in Little Rock, Memphis, and Kansas City about their experiences cleaning gutters with guard systems, and the responses boiled down to two main points:

  1. All gutters will have to be cleaned eventually, even if they have guards.
  2. Gutters with guards will probably cost more to clean since there is extra work involved in removing and reinstalling the guards.

Should I Buy Gutter Guards?

I’m not trying to disparage all of the gutter guard installation businesses, I just think that people should weigh the costs of both options. On the one hand gutter guards will cause you to need less frequent gutter cleanings, but at the same time the gutter cleanings you do need may cost more.

Gutter Guards Do Not Last Forever, Either.

And since nothing lasts forever you also need to take into account the average life of the gutter guards themselves. Plus, if you move every 5-7 years like the general population then you may not even be in your home when you would have realized cost savings from the gutter guards.

On the other hand without gutter guards you will need your gutters cleaned more often, and if you feel confidant that you will live in the same house for many years to come then gutter guards probably will save you money in the long run.

Ultimately the answer to the question, “Should I buy gutter guards?” rests with you. Getting some gutter cleaning quotes, along with some quotes for the installation of gutter guards, and then combining those two things with about 5 minutes worth of math could save you several hundred dollars.