Spring 2022 Scholarship Program

If you could create any service business, what would it be and why?

Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning helps property owners save time and avoid the risk of do-it-yourself gutter cleaning. We also help small local businesses and their communities. Now we want to help the next generation of small business owners and entrepreneurs get the education they need to succeed.

We are proud to announce our Spring 2022 Scholarship Program which will provide two students with $500 scholarships this spring and two more $500 scholarships this fall. We encourage all high school seniors and individuals already enrolled in college to apply. Tuition must be for an accredited US institution. Two students to be selected for $500 each scholarships in both spring and fall. A total of $2,000 in scholarships for emerging entrepreneurs.

Our contest asks students to think about a home service business they would like to create and tell us what it would be and why they want to do it in 750 words or less or by submitting a video of 5 minutes or less. Submissions should be creative, engaging, and thought-provoking. We’re looking for your business ideas that are both innovative and problem-solving.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • You must be a U.S. citizen with a minimum GPA of 3.00
  • You must be a high school senior that has been accepted to an accredited U.S. college or a currently enrolled student at an accredited U.S. college
  • You must complete and submit the application and essay or video by the stated deadline

Application Deadline (Spring Scholarship):

  • Starting date: March 7, 2022
  • Deadline: June 15, 2022 – 11:59PM CST
  • Winner Announcement: July 15, 2022
  • Application deadlines for the fall scholarship awards will be announced after July 15, 2022.


  • Two (2) $500 cash awards

How To Apply:

Interested students must complete the application form below to apply. You can upload your 750 word essay within the form. To submit a video you should upload it to YouTube and include a link on the form. You must also provide proof of enrollment to an accredited U.S. college or their most recent college transcript.

Your essay must tell us about a home service business you would like to create and why. Think about things you do around your home, apartment, or dorm room and wish you could find a service to do for you! Your idea should be creative, engaging, and thought-provoking!  Your essay or video should be as error free as possible but we are more interested in your idea than we are in punctuation or video production.

Your submission should be your original work and not copied from somewhere else. If your idea or entry is plagiarized or copied you will be disqualified. You can share information from sources but it must all be in your words. We know how to use computers too and we will check your sources and verify that your entry is not plagiarized. Our scholarship selections are final and subject to the terms and conditions that may apply. You will not be contacted unless selected. Submitting an entry does not add you to our email list.

Spring Scholarship Application

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