Top 5 Problems Caused by Clogged Gutters

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You may think that clogged gutters are not that important to deal with. It’s a hassle and grubby, slippery un-safe work climbing up and down to get your gutters clean. You won’t think that when you have water damage or flooding that could have been avoided if your gutters had been working properly. Here are Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning‘s Top 5 home problems that can be caused by clogged gutters:

1. Roof Damage

If water backs up in your gutters, the edge of your roof surface and the underlying materials (wood sheeting typically) can be damaged by the constant contact with water. This causes the wood and surface material to rot and become weak. Eventually the surface and the wood underneath will have to be replaced.

2. Wood Fascia Damage

Water backed up in gutters is heavy (8 pounds per gallon) which can cause the gutter attachments to pull away from the wood fascia it is attached to, damaging the wood. Water spilling over the edges of gutters and onto the wood fascia boards will also cause the wood to rot and weaken as well.

3. Damage to Walls, Windows, Doors and Patios

Water that spills over the gutter edges falls onto walls, window frames, doors and whatever surface is below. These features of your home are not designed to have this much water contact. They count on your gutters and downspouts doing their job in order to last longer. Eventually this extra water contact will cause these features of your home to rot, warp and weaken.

4. Damage to Foundations and Landscaping

Your foundation supports the entire structure of your home. Excess water contact here can cause your foundation to leak, shift, crack or even sink. Clean gutters and downspouts carry water away from your home and foundation to points where it can be easily absorbed into the ground or drainage system. Your landscaping also suffers when this excess water falls on trees, plants and flowers. It is simply the difference between watering plants with a garden hose vs watering with a fire hose. Too much water directed in one spot can be a bad thing!

5. Slip and Fall

Again, with clogged gutters, water is falling in places you don’t expect it too. This can lead to slippery situations where water is falling from the clogged gutter above onto a walkway, entry or driveway. Keeping gutters and downspouts clean keeps the water moving away from your home and walkways and helps keep your home as ‘slip-free’ as possible. Keeping your home’s gutter and downspouts clean and functioning properly is easy with the experts at Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning.

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